How To Protect Yourself and Your Children

The most important think you can do to protect yourself and your kids is to have a safety plan to get away from danger in case of an attack.

What should be in my safety plan?

  • Important phone numbers
  • Names of people you can ask to call police if they suspect you’re being attacked
  • Secure places you can go
  • A secure place to leave extra money, car keys, clothes, and copies of essential documents

Once you’ve drawn up a plan that feels solid to you, put it in practice.

  • Keep a secondary, fully charged cell phone with you at all times
  • Rehearse your escape route with a support person
  • Open or maintain your own savings or checking account
  • Keep an extra set of car keys with you at all times

For help putting together a safety plan of your own, please visit the following helpful resources

If you think your relationship may be abusive of feels threatening, you can take a quick, confidential online quiz to gauge your risk. The quiz is interactive, easy, and free. Please visit