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24-hour domestic violence/sexual assault hotline
413.733.7100 (TTY/V)
800.796.8711 (TTY/V)
Llamanos Spanish-language sexual assault hotline

In 2009, 14 women in Massachusetts were killed in an intimate relationship. In one 24-hour period in 2009, 2,018 victims were served by domestic violence programs in the state. The numbers don’t lie: domestic violence is a deadly problem that’s not going away. That’s why we’re here for you, 24 hours a day, every day, with our domestic violence hotline numbers. So you can get the help you and your children need, when you need it most, to move from being victims to survivors.

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However you contribute, your support benefits individual women and helps the YWCA serve our community.

The YWCA of Western Massachusetts makes it easy for you to make a donation, volunteer, host an intern through your business, or advocate on issues of gender and racial inequality.

About Our Agency

Your YWCA is leading the changes that improve women’s lives

Think you know the YWCA?

We might surprise you with our range of services and inspire you with the depth of our commitment to eliminating racism and empowering women.
We’ve helped meet the needs of Western Massachusetts for over 140 years. Today, we’re leading the change in the way our community responds to domestic violence and in the resources available to victims of discrimination. And more than ever, we’re changing women’s lives by helping them reach their fullest potential.

We invite you to know us better. Get involved.

domestic violence/
sexual assault hotline
(413) 733 - 7100 (TTY/V)
(800) 796 - 8711 (TTY/V)
(800) 223 - 5001
domestic violence/
sexual assault hotline

Youth, HIV, & Court Support Programs

Children Who Witness Violence
413-732- 3121

  • Short term individual and group clinical therapy for children ages 3-17 who have witnessed or been exposed to domestic violence.
  • Available services: 1:1 talk therapy and safety planning; caretaker sessions to support safe and healthy parenting; Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT); Attachment, Regulation & Competencies (ARC) clinical treatment model
  • Health insurance is not required. All services are free and 100% confidential.

Supervised Visitation
Springfield and Northampton: 413-732-3121

  • A safe place for visitation with the non-custodial parent for victims of domestic violence and their children.
  • Visitation is tailored to a family's level of risk. The program can accommodate on-site monitored visits; on-site unsupervised visits; or neutral, monitored exchanges, where staff supervise pick-up and drop-off between residential and non-residential parents.
  • Families may self-refer or access the service through an open Probate and Family Court case.
  • Contact Lousleily Vega, at 413-732-3121 x122, for more information.

iMatter Network

The YWCA of Western Massachusetts iMatter Network is funded by the Office on Women's Health. This program focuses on the linkages between HIV/AIDS and intimate partner violence (IPV). In addition, the iMatter Network works to address the high prevalence rates of IPV and HIV/AIDS within communities of color. The iMatter Network's goal is to prevent HIV infection through expanded intimate partner violence prevention, screening, and response services. 

The iMatter Network offers evidence-based HIV prevention workshops; onsite HIV rapid testing and case management; referrals linking folks living with HIV/AIDS to medical care; community level IPV prevention throughout Hampden County; recruitment of young people for participation on 15-member Youth Advisory Board project; and bystander intervention training to local colleges and universities. 

Please call our 24/7 Hotline and request to complete an iMatter Network referral at (413) 733-7100.

Services are FREE and confidential.

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SAFEPLAN/Court Advocacy 


Assistance for victims of domestic violence in obtaining restraining orders, safety planning, and resource and referral information. Supported referrals to victim compensation benefits for eligible survivors. All SAFEPLAN services are provided free of charge.

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